Silverfish are an occasional invader that generally finds its way into your home by means of the attic space. These insects can survive in ceilings, attics and wall voids for a long period of time without starving. They prefer the dark, hide during the day, and are extremely fast runners. They have a varied diet and can survive in your attic during the summer.

How to identify silverfish

Silverfish are about half-inch long and shiny and silver (or grey.) They are slender and wingless with 2 long antennae. If you have damaged items, you might know they are silverfish because they leave behind little scales.

Damage caused by silverfish

Typical damage is done to paper fabrics. They don't chew so much as scrape.

How to control silverfish

Common methods include chemical treatment and and the use of glue traps. If you think you have silverish, give Omega a call and we can take care of it for you.

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