Rats and Mice

rats and mice

Roof Rats, Norway Rats, and Mice are the most common and prolific rodents invading our homes in the San Francisco Bay Area

A roof rat is an exceptional climber and prefers to nest above ground in an elevated location. These locations can include your attic, trees and sometimes your sub areas. Norway rats on the other hand prefer to live underground and in the sewers. The Norway Rat is substantially larger than his nimble footed cousin the Roof Rat. Both of these rats only need an opening roughly the size of a quarter to gain entry to your home. The mouse being much smaller then either of the rats only requires an opening roughly the size of a dime.

What should you do if you suspect (or know) you have rats or mice?

The first step to a successful rats and/or mice control program is a thorough inspection by a Omega technician. He will be looking for entrance points, harborage areas and possible food sources. Your Omega technician will identify these problem areas and recommend the best solutions and treatment strategies for keeping out and getting rid of rats and mice. If rodents are inside the structure we recommend using traps as opposed to rodenticide (poison). The reason for this is that we can not guarantee where the rats and mice will die once they ingest a lethal dose of poison.

How to prevent rats and mice from entering your home

Listed below is a short list of items you can check to ensure rats and mice do not enter your home or structure:

1. Repair or replace damaged ventilation screens around foundation and under eaves.

2. Provide a tight fitting cover for the crawl space.

3. Seal all openings around pipes, cables, and wires that enter through walls or the foundation.

4. Be sure all windows that can be opened are screened and are in good condition.

5. Cover all chimneys with a spark arrester.

6. Make sure internal screens on roof and attic air vents are in good condition to keep out rats and mice.

7. Cover rooftop plumbing vent pipes in excess of 2 inches in diameter with screens over their tops.

8. Make sure all exterior doors are tight fitting and weatherproofed at the bottom.

9. Seal gaps beneath garage doors with a gasket or weatherstripping to keep out rats and mice..

10. Install self-closing exterior screening to clothes dryer vents to the outside.

11. Remember that pet doors into the house and garage provide an easy entrance for rats and mice.

12. Keep side doors to the garage closed, especially at night to keep out rats and mice.