Our Office

Omega - Our office is in Oakland, California

Our office is located at 807 75th Avenue in Oakland, California. We are situated right next door to the Coliseum BART station.

In our over 40 years located in Oakland, we have seen many changes both to our building and our neighborhood. In an attempt to bring some beauty and entertainment into our community, Omega has hired local artists to revamp our building. Check out some of our art below!

Security Bars

Who says office security can’t be beautiful? Omega worked with a local artist to redesign the look of our security bars. As you can see, each window is secured by a different pest invader. Can you tell the pests apart?

Rooftop Spider

For over a decade the owner of Omega, Allen Glenn Kanady Jr, had an idea. In an effort to make his business stand out and attract the attention of the BART customers next door he wanted to install a huge metal spider on top of the building. Back in late 2017 his idea came to fruition. Working with a local metal artist they came up with a plan and were able to install the finished product in October of 2017.

After the newest addition to the Omega family was installed, we needed a name for our 8-legged friend. So Omega reached out to our customers to have a naming competition for our anonymous arachnid. After many great submissions, the staff at Omega came to a decision. In homage to our long-limbed sharp shooter (previously) next door, our friendly spider was name Durantula!

Kevin Durantula - Spider Sculpture near Oakland Coliseum
Pest Control Credentials