Omega Termite & Pest Control

Omega Termite & Pest Control takes customer service very seriously. We strive to maintain the "small company feel" by providing personalized service and no voice mail or automated phone receptionists. With over 120 years of combined experience you can rest assured that our technicians can handle your pest or termite problems with skill and professionalism.
  • Get rid of ants!

    Get rid of ants!

    When ants infiltrate your home you might just see a few scouts at first, but once they find an appealing food source its GAME ON!

  • Get rid of bed bugs!

    Get rid of bed bugs!

    Finding out you have bed bugs is a gradual realization and it can happen to anybody. Bed bugs do not discriminate!

  • Get rid of cockroaches!

    Get rid of cockroaches!

    Cockroaches are typically nocturnal and if you see them during the day your problem is larger than you think.

  • Get rid of rats and mice!

    Get rid of rats and mice!

    There are right and wrong ways to get rid of rats and mice, and here's why you shouldn't use poison.

  • Get rid of termites!

    Get rid of termites!

    If you have termites, you definitely want to know about it. Termites destroy your most valuable asset: your home!

  • Spring + Summer: Bees, Wasps, & Yellowjackets

    After being dormant this winter, flying insects are buzzing around the bay area. Read our bee hive removal story and learn more about safe, non-toxic removal of wasp nests and yellowjackets.
  • Termite & Pest Control based in Oakland, California

    Omega has been in the pest control business for over 35 years. Omega's inspectors and technicians are all licensed and complete continuing education annually.
  • San Francisco Bay AreaPest Control

    Omega Termite and Pest Control is active throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, San Leandro and more!
  • Personable, Expert Customer Service

    We are personalized and friendly with no voice mail or automated phone receptionists. Professional, knowledgeable staff, inspectors and technicians to serve you.
  • Omega Offers Flexibility

    We schedule appointments to meet your needs not ours, including Saturdays and after-hours appointments. Please contact Omega today.