Green, Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Omega Termite & Pest Control now offers GREEN, environmental friendly pest control services.

Omega Termite and Pest control is proud to offer its customers GREEN Alternatives. The term "green" refers to the use of Integrated Pest Management and other pest management strategies to control a pest problem. It coordinates the use of pest biology, environmental information and available technology to prevent unacceptable pest levels by the most economical means possible, while posing the least possible risk to people, property, resources and the environment.

What is Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

  • Use non-chemical strategies, such as sanitation, as primary methods of pest management.
  • Investigate the source of the problem—and eliminate it—before applying pesticides.
  • Use pesticides only when absolutely necessary.
Protect your family and pets with green pest control methods
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