earwig are mostly harmless pests

What Are Earwigs?

Earwigs are an occasional invader that can not survive inside the home. They prefer to be outside in dark, moist places and are generally found hiding underneath stones, boards, or organic debris.

Earwigs have a low tolerance for heat and are mainly active at night. Their food sources vary and they mainly eat plant and animal matter. They will feed on leaves, flowers, and fungi as well as on aphids or other insects. Generally speaking, they are beneficial to the garden environment and not much of a nuisance to humans.

What Damage Can Earwigs Do?

European earwigs can damage seedling plants, soft fruit, and sweet corn. You might notice the leaves of older plants with irregular holes and chewed around the edges... courtesy of the earwigs (or caterpillars!)

Managing Earwigs

Controlling earwigs requires integrated pest management depending on the environment they have chosen. Possibilities include:

  • Trapping
  • Sanitation and Other Controls
  • Chemical Control
  • Indoors (just vacuum them up)

If you have an earwig problem, please talk to Omega!