Bee Removal - A Case Study

A hive of bees on your building, or especially inside, can be distressing. But if done properly, the bees can be safely removed. Here is a story about one such incident in Oakland.

Swarm of bees reported outside of office building in Oakland

In the winter of 2010, Omega was called in to check out a swarm of bees that had landed on the side of a vent. Omega suggested they call a beekeeper to take them away, but the client wanted them sprayed and killed. So, this was done and the owners sealed up the vent, a 40 foot long overhead vent going up and through the building that was no longer being used.

In 2011, the bees appeared to have returned and the building owner called another pest control company for bee removal. Omega does not know what they did, but our guess is they sprayed to kill but didn't manage to kill them all.

In February of 2012, the building owner called a beekeeper to come out an retrieve them. The beekeeper opened up the vent from the exterior, took all the bees he could get, and then sealed it back up.

Omega safely removes bee hives and puts them to work

In March of 2012, the building owner called Omega and reported a horrible smell. Omega Pest Control took a peak into the duct and saw decaying bee hives. Omega cut both ends, removed the pipe, and discovered that there were thousands of more bees still alive. Omega then capped the ends and trucked it away.

The next day when the pipe was cut open lengthwise, they could see that while there were abandoned beehives on one end, the other end was buzzing in a bee hive of activity! Meanwhile, and Omega employee had built a bee box overnight at home. So they put on a bee suit and transferred the honeycombs to the bee box and the bees are now thriving in his back yard.

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