Prevent bed bugs when you travel

  • If you are traveling and concerned about your location you might want to check some crowd-sourced bed bug registries such as
  • The bed bug prevention guide for concerned travelers should include such rules as :
    • Don’t put clothing or garments in drawers or closets.
    • Don’t use luggage stand.
    • Don’t put luggage under bed or on bed.
    • Keep your luggage in the bathroom on tile floor or on counter.
    • Use soft sided luggage/duffle bags so you can wash and dry when you get home.
    • If you have cloths that you did not wear please heat in dryer for 20-30minutes at a temperature above 125 degrees before returning to your closet or drawers.
    • If one is super cautious you can peel back the sheets and check between the mattress and box spring for any evidence with a flashlight.

Final advice about how to prevent bed bugs

There honestly is not an effective way to screen visitors to your home or the hotel rooms you plan to visit. Bed bugs are the top reported on pest in the 21st century and odds are you either know someone who has had a problem or have had one yourself.

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