Bed bugs infestations have an un-deserved stigma of being caused by the less fortunate, socioeconomically depressed individuals who live in “flop hotels” or Subsidized housing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bed bugs have managed to invade across all levels of society. No level of wealth has been spared from this blood feeding invader.

The bed bugs presence has been felt across the spectrum, from the 5 star luxury hotels and fancy resorts to amusement parks, theaters, department stores, schools, public transportation and just about anywhere people visit, stay, reside or sleep. One thing that holds true is that no one wants to be singled out as the originator of a bed bugs infestation.

Bed bugs are very good at hiding and if you have a light infestation you will probably never see one.

The first symptoms are usually are bites. Depending on the individual the bites can range from large painful itchy welts to small red dots. A large segment of the public is also immune to the bed bugs bites. Studies have shown that almost 30% of people in the world do not have an outward skin reaction when bitten by bed bugs.

There are also a few other pest infestations that get confused with bed bugs. Mites can cause similar skin reactions “bites” and at times get confused with bed bugs. Mites generally are brought in by an animal that is living in the structure and require a different control process.