While you might see signs of bed bugs, finding them is another matter. How can you be sure to get rid of all the bed bugs at your home, residence or place of business?

While most people rely on a Pest Management Professional (PMP) to provide you a visual inspection “bug hunt,” this method is only about 25-30% accurate in detecting very light infestations. Just imagine searching your house with a flashlight for a bug the size of an apple seed or smaller, what do think you would find! As you can imagine this kind of inspection could take hours and be very time consuming.

So... some innovative people came up with a valuable bed bug detection tool: a dog!

Trained dogs can detect bed bugs with accuracy.

That’s right, Fido. Just like drug and bomb detecting dogs, dogs can be trained to find bed bugs and live bed bug eggs. How accurate are they? Studies have shown that dogs are 98.4% accurate when alerting to the presence of bed bugs.

Another huge advantage is inspection time.

The dog only needs a few minutes to inspect since it is working on scent instead of sight. Dogs can quickly go from space to space sniffing and often your whole home inspection will be done in just a matter of minutes. Also dogs do not alert on dead bed bugs or empty egg capsules.