Liquid chemical application

If you live in a multi-unit structure there are only a few treatment options available to you. We recommend a liquid chemical application for a few reasons. If you have had a dog inspection and the location of the bed bugs is known then we can specifically target those locations. If not, we can provide a complete treatment to the living space. The products we apply also continue to provide control of bed bugs for weeks following the treatment. Prior to a liquid chemical treatment the unit has to be prepared. We provide you with a detailed preparation sheet outlining how to take care of your clothing, furniture, pets etc. Once the treatment is completed you will also be able to return to your home in 2-4 hours. We will likely have to repeat this process 1 or 2 times depending on the severity of your infestation .

Full structure fumigation

I consider this the “Gold Standard” for bed bug control. If you live in a single family home, stand-alone unattached structure this may be a viable option for you. This treatment consists of placing a large tarp over your home and injecting a gas inside. The gas will kill all bed bug and bed bug eggs inside as well as have an added benefit of killing just about any other bugs or rodents inside the home except some wood boring beetles. Unlike the liquid chemical application the fumigation has no residual. Once the tarp is removed and the gas is gone, it is gone. There are no products left inside to continue to provide control.

The fumigation process will require you to vacate your home for 4 days. I always advise people to leave as much of their personal belongings home as possible. You don’t want to take something that is infested with you! There is also preparation required prior to a fumigation. Unlike the liquid chemical application you will need to safeguard your food and any medication you have inside the structure inside specially designed fumigation bags that we provide to you.